11M Total Reach


Nick rose to fame as a competitive Fortnite streamer and one of the first top-level players to compete in tournaments using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, a style of play that is regarded by most as a competitive disadvantage.

Currently Nick is the most watched Call of Duty-focused streamer across all platforms and is consistently amongst the top five channels watched on all of Twitch at any given time.

Kolcheff is a brand ambassador for FaZe Clan, SCUF Gaming, GFuel and NZXT.

1.1M Total Reach


“Los” is a sports and entertainment-focus content creator who streams on Twitch to an audience of thousands daily. He recently set the world record for the longest uninterrupted live stream ever streaming on Twitch for over 200 hours, playing a variety of games with friends and family online.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Los has developed a loyal fan base due to his streams touching on a variety of titles and genres, including Fortnite, NBA 2K and Madden.

13.4M Total Reach

Sypher PK

Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is one of the leading gaming personalities online, especially on YouTube and Twitch. His content is a unique hybrid of educational gameplay mixed in with trendsetting challenges and community oriented online events.

Sypher has a background competing at the highest levels in a handful of FPS and TPS titles, namely Overwatch, Halo and For Honor. More recently, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and fans through his daily Fortnite content.

3.6M Total Reach


Jimmy is known for his flashy, aggressive and highlight-reel worthy gameplay in Valorant, Fortnite and other shooter-style games. With over 20,000 matches under his belt, HD has tallied over 100,000 kills and is top-10 in that category for Fortnite worldwide.

Jimmy's experience as a competitive Overwatch and Gears of War player for over ten years has granted him the unique skillset and ability to adapt to new titles that emerge

4.4M Total Reach


CDNThe3rd is an established streamer and content creator who has become recognized as one of the most entertaining streamers no matter what game he is playing.

He is known for his hyper personality, mastery of challenging games, and his uplifting positivity. Ceez is a passionate supporter of the environment and lives an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Most recently, CDN signed with ANDBOX, a gaming organization based in the tri-state area that owns the New York Subliners and NYXL franchises.

11.8M Total Reach


Vikram "Vik" Singh Barn is one of the premier gaming creators on YouTube. The British-Indian talent is a founding member of gaming crew, the Sidemen, known for their gameplay and challenge videos, and a member of the popular Minecraft group, The Pack. A master of FPS games, Vik is well known for his Minecraft, COD, and Fortnite gaming videos.

Vikkstar is an ACER ambassador, and has been sponsored by KFC Gaming, Elgato, Amazon Games and Epic Games.

3.6M Total Reach


AA9 is one of the most energetic and charismatic US-based FIFA streamers. Since 2011, Skillz has won thousands of matches, competed in esports competitions around the world, and has amassed an audience of millions across his YouTube and social platforms via FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K content.

Skillz is the founding member of CompLexity Gaming’s FIFA division, as well as a brand ambassador for GFuel and SCUF.

500K Total Reach


Ray “LotsOfBunnies” Richards is a D.C.-based variety streamer who shares her passions for gaming, fitness and art with her audience on a daily basis.

She began streaming H1Z1 in 2015 and brings her energy and passion to Twitch and YouTube with gameplay, painting and positivity.

LotsOfBunnies is a brand ambassador for GFuel.


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