Composed of members DiazBiffle, Repullze and LuckyChamu, The Baka Bros first met (before any of their streaming days) on the Call of Duty map. Brought together for a love for the game, and a wish to continually push and encourage the best within each other, the Baka Bros began. Since then, they have run Warzone games together nightly on stream, breaking world records and placing top in tournaments. The Baka Bros have also host monthly tournaments for their subscribers, which have been previously sponsored by SCUF and KontrolFreek.

60,000 Subs and Growing, Meet the Baka Bros

Known originally as “Lucky” for his seemingly fortunate skill in Call of Duty, LuckyChamu quickly garnered a loyal fanbase for his skill in Warzone as a controller player. With multiple tournament wins to his name, LuckyChamu is well loved by his fans for his streams breaking world records and high kill games. LuckyChamu is a brand ambassador for BattleBeaver and KontrolFreek.

Repullze has been fostering a community of love and positivity called the “Sexy Boys Club,” creating a safe space for those bonded over a love for gaming. Popular for his COD Warzone streams, Repullze is focused on spreading a message of joy and acceptance within his streams. Repullze is partnered with BattleBeaver, KontrolFreek and GFUEL.

DiazBiffle is a Texas-based COD Warzone streamer, making waves in the community with his high level skill as a controller player. Breaking records for number of kills, as well as maintaining his top placing in tournaments, DiazBiffle continues to prove his prowess as a gamer. Diaz is a brand ambassador for SCUF Gaming.